Survivor: Caramoan - Spoilers

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Survivor Spoilers


Thanks to the Survivor sleuths over at Wetpaint  and Survivor Sucks , we have the following spoilers for Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.

Spoilers for past seasons have been pretty reliable, but whether any or all of these spoilers are accurate remains to be seen. So believe at your own risk.


Update 5/7/13: According to a forum post at Reality TV World, we can expect the following for the final two episodes.

No more hidden immunity idols.

Brenda is voted off next, followed by Eddie.

Erik is removed from the game due to hunger. He's treated and well enough to return for the final Tribal Council.

Sherri, Dawn and Cochran are the final three. Sherri doesn't get any votes. At least a couple of jurors are angry with Dawn during the final Tribal Council. One juror argues that Dawn is more deserving than Cochran, but it's not enough to prevent Cochran from winning.


The fans win the first Immunity Challenge. Francesca is voted off at the first Tribal Council, allegedly because she comes on too strong.

Brandon goes nuts and is removed from the game.

The jury members for Survivor: Caramoan are four "favorites" –Phillip, Malcolm, Andrea and Brenda – and three "fans" – Michael, Reynold and Eddie.

Cochran, Dawn and Sherri are rumored to be the final three. Sherri, therefore, is the only "fan" to make it to the end.

Dawn brings some drama this season and most jury members are angry at her during final Tribal Council. At least some of the trouble arises because Dawn gets Brenda voted off.

Erik makes it to the final four, but is removed from the game due to some kind of emotional breakdown, allegedly arising from Brenda being voted off. Man, we can't wait to see Brenda in action this season. She must be enchanting.

Someone at final Tribal Council is so traumatized by the experience that he or she seeks professional help after the game. We're not sure how this kind of information gets out, but, honestly, we think everyone involved in this show should seek professional help.

--- UPDATE 4/14/13

Rumor has it that Dawn is the aforementioned player who is traumatized at Final Tribal Council. Allegedly, Brenda wins a challenge allowing her time with a visiting family member, but she gives her reward to Dawn. Then Dawn orchestrates a blindside against Brenda at final five. When Dawn's criticized for this, she breaks down. Of course, Dawn is always breaking down over something.

Another rumor is that Erik is so disturbed by Brenda's blindside that he quits or is medevaced out at final four. This seems kind of nutty, but we haven't heard much from Erik this season and have no idea what's going on in his head.

Allegedly, Cochran wins four individual immunities this season.

Some have suggested that Phillip has to be medevaced out of the game due to a parasite infection. Other sources have Phillip on the jury.  

Watch it all unfold this season on Survivor: Caramoan, Wednesdays, 8/7C on CBS.